Designed & Inspired by a Woman for a Woman

 Heshanie Tennekoon launched her first mini collection in 2019 at The Calile Hotel pop-up store, where the brand sparked immediate interest.

With her savings invested, Heshanie produced a small collection of 50 pieces across 7 styles. These were all made locally in Brisbane, Australia in limited quantities where she could keep an eye on the quality of the end product.

The Australian – Sri Lankan label is inspired by the designers’ lifestyle and heritage in both her home countries, and most importantly her beautiful mother.

Growing up seeing her mom “rocking” the linens on weekends and silk & cotton saris on the weekdays, Heshanie was inspired by her mom’s confidence, style and work life balance.  Heshanie knew she had to bring this to life when creating her brand.

As a designer it was important for her to create something that matters and can accompany the wearer in her everyday journey to becoming the functional, strong, beautiful woman that she is. Both comfortably and effortlessly.

Just like her mother.