Founded in 2019, ILEANA is a responsible luxury lifestyle brand based in Australia.
ILEANA stands for slow fashion with attention to detail while exuding minimalism.ย  For us, fashion is about creating textiles and designs that are timeless yet modern and of a quality that will last for a life time.
At ILEANA, we are admirers of amalgamating cultures and the stories that come with it. Inspired by the beautiful and colourful Island of Sri Lanka, we believe in preserving and reviving culture, respecting our artisans and making beautiful pieces.
We aspire to translate the beauty of cultures to create a link between the East and the West by introducing exclusive techniques from Sri Lanka into the world.
We have combined our love for linen with these techniques, to create capsule collections that are comfortable & effortlessly beautiful.

Our Designs


ILEANAโ€™s design aesthetics are a combination of effortless beauty in the feminine form mixed with modern edgy. We believe in the beauty of minimalism. We focus on creating these designs with natural, breathable and beautiful fabrics.

The silhouettes combined with exclusive fabrics will emphasise the natural beauty of our customer and exude effortlessness.

To add an extra touch of elegance, we will feature our hand-dyed silks in our luxury range, which will be exclusively designed and released.

Designed with a lot of thought and love, we hope you enjoy ILEANA designs for years to come!