Ileana is an Australian & Sri Lankan luxury brand that was established in 2017. We are a lifestyle brand that expresses timeless luxury through contemporary pieces today, tomorrow & forever.

Our customer’s adore timeless designs with a bold edge, whilst loving the natural look and feel of Ileana.

We aspire to translate the beauty of cultures to create a link between the East and the West by introducing exclusive techniques, such as Batik prints, handloom and beeralu lace from the Island of Sri Lanka into the global fashion industry.

In addition to our luxurious outlook, each batik print will be made with love and bears a story allowing the wearer the luxury of creative awakening. The subtle changes of each hand dyed print will give each customer a sense of exclusivity and their own uniquepiece of Ileana to take home.

We believe in giving back to the community by empowering the crafts sector back home in Sri Lanka.

“In this big beautiful world of fashion, the opportunity to create my own fashion label was a dream come true. Since I was young, I admired my moms’ linen pants and silk saris. Sitting on the floor as a little girl under the meters of silk batik sari’s that my mom would drape every morning before work, I dreamt of a day where I could own my own. I then grew up, and we moved to Australia. You wouldn’t wear your average sari to work here. However, I wanted to recreate this feeling of owning a hand dyed batik piece. This little thought has driven the humble beginnings of my brand, Ileana”

– Heshanie Tennekoon

Heshanie Tennekoon is the heart, the soul and the designer behind ILEANA. The label aspires to translate the beauty of cultures by creating a link between the East and the West. Heshanie aims to bring recognition to her Sri Lankan craft sector by incorporating techniques passed on by generations, which could be lost in time.

Growing up in a tropical island and in the sunshine state of Queensland, Heshanie soon discovered her love for linen being a breathable fabric perfect for both her lifestyles. She then combined this love with techniques from Sri Lanka to create capsule collections that are timeless, comfortable and effortlessly beautiful.

In love with all things handmade and hand-dyed, Heshanie aspires to use the label as a platform to introduce beauty in designs in many forms than one. Ileana is for those who appreciate this timeless beauty infused with subtle yet bold details.